This year our all virtual hackathon will be held on three different platforms. Devpost will be where you can register for the hackathon and submit your project. Discord will be where you can find teammates, ask questions, and find announcements about events starting. Microsoft teams will be where office hours and workshops will be held, both of which are optional, but recommended if you need help or want to learn a little extra.


To Be Eligible:

(1) Join the DIscord Server

(2) Fill-Out the Registration Form

(3) Have Fun!


- No college students or Highschool Graduates Eligible

- Students from any school or state in the United State eligible (note that prize shipping may take longer the father you are from the DMV, and we cannot ship prizes if you do not give us your address).


-Make sure to add all of your teammates to your project and register for a category.

Good Luck!

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,250 in prizes

Best Overall

Acer Monitor (Max 4)

Judges Choice

Visa Giftcard - $50 (Max 4)

Best Individual

Beats Flex -$50
ONLY individual submissions

Most Creative

Graphics Tablet - (Max 4)


Action Camera - (Max 4)
Your whole team must have less than 6-months of coding experience.

Business Sponsor


EchoAR - AR/VR

Sponsored by EchoAR, this challenge will require you to use their AR/VR software in your hack. It can be for any application, but it must include their software.

-Winner = $50 Visa Giftcard to winning Team
-Everyone = Free Business tier access to their platform exclusively for WilsonHacks, Link will be given out on Discord

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sami Kunaish

Sami Kunaish

Judging Criteria

  • Overall Winner
    The winner of this category will be the team that wins the grand prize. This is the best overall project. This means that it is efficient, has a simple and clean UI, and is the best idea as a project. All projects are signed up for this automatically.
  • Most Creative
    The best new project or manipulation of an old project to combine our theme with another. This will judged mainly on the premise of the project, the actual project itself will be considered, but less important.
  • Best Individual Submission
    The best project submitted by a person working on their own, This will have the same criteria as the overall winner, but over a smaller pool of projects.
  • Rookie Workshop Winner
    The newbie coder who made the best project during this years Rookie workshop.
  • Low Code, No Code
    This is the best project, but it is simply an idea, there is no code, or very little code, and is just a framework for an idea of how to tackle our theme.
  • Judges Choice
    This project may not be the best project or the prettiest project, but the judges really liked it. All projects are signed up for this automatically.
  • Business Criteria

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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